Description Of The Exibition "METAMORPHOZIS" - drugs -

Description Of The Exibition "METAMORPHOZIS" - drugs - 
Opening Remarks: It's hard to face the fact that drugs are - directly or indirectly - more and more present in our lives. Many people are  feeling confused, hopeless, angry and helpless about this issue. Many of them have not yet formed opinion on this subject. This unusual exhibition can help – to young people who are older than 14 years of age or adults - to form an opinion on this subject and possible issues. 
During a visit to the exhibition we are introduced to the life stories through albums with photos, interviews, personal items - and with the assistance and guidance of professional animators. All this affects our emotions through multiple sensory channels and films, sound effects, bizarre lighting, mirrors, colorful walls and sculptures are helping us to achieve real effects. 
The above mentioned exhibition serves as a preventive program in Hungary since 2001. On our suggestion, Municipality of Subotica and the Secretariat of Health and Social Policy of Vojvodina allowed us to purchase the right to install the exhibition from "Köztes Átmenetek" Ltd., Budapest. The rights are repurchased on ten years. Exhibition Metamorphozis - Drugs was opened on 8th November, 2006.
Description of the exhibition: 
The exhibition occupies area of ​​190 square meters. It consists of five rooms. 
1st room – is the family living room. In this room we have a chance to listen to the interviews with former drug addicts who talk about their families and what led them directly to try drugs. On the table are the albums with photos and documents, through which we can follow the life of young people each of whom choose the path of drug addiction, while others choose the path of healthy living.
2nd room - various categories of drugs are visually represented on the walls. Inhalants, psychostimulants, cannabinoids, opiates, etc.. have their wall and they are discussed separately. 
3rd room - the room of mirrors -here we present movies - experience after consuming heroin, LSD, speed and marijuana. Making of these films have been helped by former addicts. 
4th room - in this room we can accompany a life of drug addicts. On the walls are a photomontages. In top row of photomontages shows a healthy person and as we look down the reality is distorted, the person loses contact with its environment, she is dying. Visitor walks among broken and worn-out stuff. On TV screens we can read the effects of drugs on the body.
5th Room - we are entering a "City". This room shows us lives and contacts of the addicts. The road of loneliness of a drug addict. 
Visitors are guided through the exibition by the educated professionals  - psychologists, educators who continuously initiate interaction with visitors through the narrative form of work. Visiting of the exhibition takes about two, two and a half hours.